Videos from Dr. Mitch Levin

Dr. Mitch Levin helps business owners grow, buy and sell their businesses.Dr. Mitch Levin provides his insights to help you grow you business, make smart financial choices and more in this library of videos also available on YouTube. In a matter of minutes, you’ll learn how to turbo charge your finances, uncover the myths about investing, prepare for retirement, and other, valuable tips.

Topics to choose from include:

  • Registered Investment Advisor Gives Truth in Cost and Fees for Mutual Funds
  • The First Myth of Investing,  Stock Picking
  • How Financial Media Cripples its Audience
  • Turbo Charge Your Finances
  • Risk and Tax Management
  • The Fifth Myth of Investing, The Costs
  • Math is NOT Money
  • How to Invest Your Money
  • Orlando Financial Planner discusses the Power of Compound Interest
  • Structured Institutional Funds and the CRSP Model
  • Opportunity Costs in the Financial Industry
  • Maverick Millionaire Marketing
  • The Fourth Myth of Investing, Rate of Return
  • Mitch Levin – New York Presentation
  • The Three Phases of Money
  • Build Your Financial Fortress
  • The Second Myth of Investing, Track Record Chasing
  • The Third Myth of Investing, Market Timing
  • $8 Million health care company gets tax free…
  • Make your Financial House a Financial Fortress
  • Mitch Levin Presents Investor Behavior
  • $20 Million company sells $5 Million division
  • Mitch Levin Presents Investor Behavior
  • Accounting firm needs my help with profits

In addition to the videos below, you’ll find more resources here.

Dr. Levin’s clients on average get at least 17.7% more net money, and he guarantees results. Currently, he is taking on a few new clients, so if you are interested in working directly with him, call him directly at 888-885-5656 to see if you qualify. You can also complete the form on the home page of this site to obtain more information.