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Transfer Your Business To Your Next-Gen,
Get And Keep At Least 17% More Net-Cash Of
Your Business Value.

Save taxes whether you Buy, or Sell, or Transition your business
to your Next-Gen. Our clients get at least 17.7% more, Net.
Why not you?

Corporate Finance Solutions, since 1988, has done over 298 transactions, representing $3.1billion in assets, and
saved over $77 million in client taxes last year alone, created more than $1 billion in new client wealth —

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“Corporate Finance Solutions got me $1.4m more after tax in the next generation transfer; my attorney and accountant were astounded”
John M
large mechanical services company, Miami
“I successfully transitioned my $10m net worth company tax free, receiving more cash, and with no burden to my children”
Joe D
large mechanical service company Sarasota
"Corporate Finance Solutions saved me millions in tax, and increased the value to my children by 41%. Thank goodness I could avoid an ESOP with all its risks and pitfalls and expenses. Now we are on to achieving $100m in the next 3 years.”
Peter W
large contracting company northwest
“CoFinSol increased my proceeds as a result of its planning and strategies by over $3m”
Warren S
mid-size distributor south large mechanical services company, Miami
“We resisted the next-gen transition until Corporate Finance Solutions showed us how to increase the cash transfer by more than $2m and lowering the tax bill by at least $3 million at the same time, preserving my key employees, and allowing me to participate in the future growth of the company.”
Jordan P
international laser company
“You helped us transition to the next generation in ways we never dreamed possible. The owner received $1m more than full value, and the buyers are ecstatic to have increased our value by more than $4.6m…Thank you Corporate Finance Solutions!”
Scott U
health care multi-location, west coast
JB “saved over $1.6M in taxes" in transitioning to the next gen
Midwest health care company

Why you should do business with us

Many business owners don’t know that the typical, and “that’s-the-way-we’ve-always-done-it-” way ultimately incurs too many and unnecessary taxes.

In addition, that same typical, and “that’s-the-way-we’ve-always-done-it-” way has risks, liquidity issues, future income issues and other complications.

Every successful new business opportunity, investment, sale, merger, or acquisition, and especially a transition to the next generation starts with planning — to achieve what you want. To get the deal done. With minimal to no taxation. To preserve and protect what you built, your wealth and legacy.

As a successful business owner you value competency efficiency and achievement. Your actions produce results and improve your skills. Success and accomplishment are important to you.

Yet in today’s world 50% of business-owner exits are involuntary (death, divorce, disability, distress, disagreement). And over 71% of transactions fail. Bad management. Inadequate or inappropriate capitalization. Errors in representations and warranties. Lawsuits.

Worse still, according to the Exit Planning Institute and SCORE.Org: “30% of family businesses survive the transition from first to second generation ownership. 12% survive the transition from second to third generation. 13% of family businesses remain in the family over 60 years”.

Next-gen transfers either to business insiders or to family can be the most difficult of deals. Emotions and relationships complicate the deal.

The way we structure it, instead, it can be your most profitable and greatest long-term wealth-building deal. And we are successful because of our detailed planning.

We use “time-tested, tried and true” strategies that we developed and refined for you, and that you probably thought were only available to large public companies.

Be aware: most CPAs, business brokers, and attorneys are unfamiliar with these strategies. Once presented, they concur that our strategies are legal, legitimate, effective and fully defendable.

What you can expect

“True, Main Street may not know about our strategies…Wall Street sure does!” Why not you?

It is a sign of wisdom to find someone you respect and trust to help get the deal done, the right way, the first time…who optimizes your value, and protects your business and family.

Imagine the satisfaction when you achieve the proper transition that fulfills all your goals. Now you can have that solution. We are honored to share our systems with you. Proven systems that we’ve developed and refined — that work.  

We’ve successfully sold, and closed deals related to pharmaceutical products, software, food manufacturing, medical devices, technology, commercial contracting, IT, investment services, specialty mechanical services, health care, professional service organizations, and a variety of industrial products and services.

Your business is likely the most valuable asset you built, spending most of your life building it. Don’t delay. The Tax Cut And Jobs Act (“TCJA”) of 2016 sunsets in 2026. That means the clock is ticking for you to take advantage of favorable tax opportunities.  

That also means you can save up to $9 million in tax if you do things correctly before then—if you expect to, or just want to prepare for transition your business to the next generation.

Give your “Main Street” business the great advantages from our “Wall Street” system, now.

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Mitch Levin, MD, Founder
Corporate Finance Solutions
Serving Business Owners and Investors Since 1988
4-Time Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Business Coach
Harvard GSAS 1978

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