Meet Mitch Levin, MD, CWPP, CAPP

Dr. Mitch Levin, MD is ready to help you with your NEXT GEN wealth transfer.
Mitch Levin, MD, CWPP, CAPP

Highly regarded, Mitch Levin, MD, CWPP, CAPP and Corporate Finance Solutions are widely recognized as the leading authority on getting you more for your business transition. They do this more quickly, especially to your next generation, whether family or insiders, with fewer costs, and less risk.

Dr. Mitch Levin, MD has personally built, bought and sold over 35 business entities for himself and his family.

Along the way, he sought the sophisticated strategies used by Wall Street. This includes tax mitigation and transition systems that he then further developed and refined for your Main Street business.

Florida Corporate Finance started in 1988 and merged into Corporate Finance Solutions (or CoFinSol) in 2023. The company has served over 298 national (and even some international) private business clients with over $3.1 billion in assets built, bought, and sold to private investors and public enterprises.

Virtually all of these clients enjoyed major tax mitigation strategies and transition systems. Dr. Mitch Levin, MD and CoFinSol commit that if you qualify, you, too, will enjoy the advantages of these strategies and systems.

You will get and keep more. And your next generation will succeed as well… all with less risk and at lower cost.

Dr. Mitch Levin has been mentoring and financing businesses since the 1980s.

Over the years, he has gained experience in business growth strategies, strategic planning, cash-flow optimization, personal wealth development, management, sales, succession planning, generational transfers, mergers and acquisitions, asset protection planning, and major tax mitigation strategies.

Dr. Levin’s career began in the healthcare field in 1986, through financing, opening, owning, and operating a large series of eye surgery practices and surgery centers in Central Florida.

Over the next 15 years, he included ownership of “Horizon” consisting of 42 independent and free-standing MRIs in seven states, and “St. Vincent’s Rehab Clinics” in Illinois and Florida. He sold them twice… once to a publicly traded company and subsequently to a private company.

After retiring as a successful eye surgeon and serial entrepreneur, Mitch Levin, MD became active in philanthropy as president of an opera company and a large foundation, and he served as president of his Park City, Utah Homeowners Association for 7 years, variously from 2003-2020.

As owner, operator, and landlord of various commercial office buildings (the largest being 90,000 sf) Mitch Levin, MD also brings a wealth of experience in real estate.

In 2010, he founded and was the CEO and Managing Director of Summit Wealth Partners ( This was a large, national Registered Investment Advisor, and its affiliates (offices in Arizona, Jacksonville, Michigan, Naples, and Orlando), which he sold in 2017.

These companies were primarily grown by coaching and consulting other business owners on how to grow.

Dr Mitch Levin is a four-time national best-selling author, speaker, trusted expert, investor, and business coach.

He has been featured in Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, Investment News, Orlando Sentinel, Longboat Observer, Newsweek, Astral Media, USA Today, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX Affiliates, and more in addition to various podcasts.

Dr. Levin was interviewed in the acclaimed documentary movie, “Navigating the Fog of Investing,” along with several of the most respected and accomplished titans in the field, including Nobel Prize winners.

Dr. Levin is featured on the DVDs “The Seven Deadly Investor Traps” and “How the Really Smart Money Invests.” He was also a Visiting Professor at The University of Central Florida.

In addition, he has written 14 books and over 400 articles. Plus, he was the publisher of several private monthly newsletters: “The Rational Optimist” and the current “The Levin Letter, Business Building Break-Through.” Thousands of subscribers enjoy his current electronic newsletter, “Is This Any Way To Run Your Business?”

The great majority of his private clients come through referrals primarily, as well as his writings and speeches at large association gatherings.

Dr. Mitch Levin has spoken at events in front of thousands of business owners, surgeons, financial advisors, CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals, many becoming his clients and referral sources.

Dr. Levin has also provided briefings and education to some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious law and accounting firms. He is accredited to provide Continuing Professional Education credits to accountants and attorneys.

A sought-after consultant, Dr. Mitch Levin’s unique background, systems and expertise assure us that his interests are aligned with his clients. 

One example of his client success:

The owner of a $10 million revenue, $1.5 million EBITDA business wanted to transition to his next generation.

Next Gen would pay, and the owner would accept $6 million. That $6 million was going to cost Next Gen more than $10 million.

How? Tax. Next Gen would have to earn $10 million to pay $4 million income tax to get the $6 million.

This is regardless of whether they used their own cash or borrowed it. If they borrowed it, only the interest is deductible, not the principal repayment, which would be income taxable. (They could only amortize the principal amount over 15 years by code.)

Regardless of whether the payment is in a lump sum today or over time, the tax treatment is identical. Then the owner would receive the $6 million and again pay tax.

With the capital gains tax of 20% plus the Net Investment Tax of 3.8% (totaling $1.43 million) to be paid by the owner, the owner would be left with $4.57 million.

You can see how quickly $10 million becomes about $4.5 million—with $5.4 million going down the tax tubes!

Mitch Levin, MD and CoFinSol turned that around.

Next Gen paid $9 million, most of it deductible, costing them net after tax $5.4 million (a 45% discount, saving Next Gen $3.6 million).

The owner received $9 million. If taken as a lump sum, the owner would have paid tax of $3.6 million, netting him $5.4 million (18.1% increase, or an additional $830,000).

And it even got better for the owner. The funds were held in a specially designed trust for the benefit of the owner, who paid no tax on the amount used to start the trust and only on income earned on the amount deposited in the trust.

When the owner took funds out of the trust, he only paid tax on those funds he took out.

There are many more examples. Dr. Mitch Levin’s clients get at least 17.7% more money, net. “Why not you?”

Remember, he does this because he wants to, not because he has to.

To see if you qualify, contact Mitch Levin, MD now 24/7 at 888-885-5656, so you can enjoy more.

You earned it. You should keep it.