How To Buy A Business: The Small To Mid-Size Company Ultimate Guide

“At last, an M&A guide for businesses not listed on the stock market exchanges. This powerful book belongs on the shelf of every entrepreneur. It has practical insights to the strategy of growing business through acquisition. This is an excellent resource, even if you are not ready to buy now — with its relevant examples, simple forms, step-by-step procedures, and additional resources. Take advantage of the FREE offer inside, too.”

Is This Any Way To Run Your Business?: How To Improve Your Business For Life And Get It To Run Like A Swiss Watch

In less than 100 days, by reading only one chapter a day, you will discover not only what, but also how to implement best practices in Maximizing Cash Flow, Managing Complexity, Creating Order From Chaos, Corporate Structure, Human Resources, Leadership, Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Marketing, Strategic Planning…all so your business improves for life, by operating like a fine Swiss watch.


“My boss is an idiot.” How many times have you heard this from someone, or even said it yourself? The lack of training in being an employer, and the complexities of the legal rules and regulations often make being a boss really difficult. With a focus on employee development, motivation and accountability, and the employer-employee dynamic, this no-holds-barred, “how-to” book helps you create tangible, meaningful and productive value in, and get the most out of your employer-employee relationships.

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